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Victory Garden Connection 2014 Student Story Writing Contest:

History has provided us with a great example of American survival during WWI and WWII. Victory Gardens provided food for millions of Americans during those war years but sadly, most Americans have never heard of a Victory Garden. You may not, but your grandparents and their parents know the full story. Victory Garden Connection, LLC needs you to write about that piece of family history that no one else can. Put your imagination to work and let's get started. Go to the Victory Garden Story by Sandy Anderson here on the site and read his words - place yourself in the story and let it come to life. Before you interview your family members that lived and worked their Victory Gardens, make a list of questions to develope a "flow" of their passing events. Ask -where was the Victory Garden, what street, city, state, and who lived in the house at the time? Who were the neighbors and friends that worked the Victory Garden; who did not? What were the songsof the time? Anything funny happen to break the pain and fear of the war? Keep digging and soon enough, you will have everything you need to submit a great story.

Here are a few rules:

Submissions should be 500 to 1,000 words in length and include, at a minimum, basic information about where the Victory Garden was during the war, who was involved and affected, and stories captured. The contest is open to US students 21 years of age or younger and runs thru September 30, 2014. In early October, Victory Garden Connection will select 10 finalists based on overall content and historical value and will present finalists' entries for voting by the public. Authors of the three most popular submissions will receive awards including a gift card valued at $100.00 each for two runners-up and a $500.00 gift card to one grand prize winner.

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