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Visitors may submit Victory & War Garden stories by using our on-page editor to type a new story or by copy and pasting a previously wrote story into the editor below. We are looking for stories with passion, lessons learned and personal thoughts about how the Victory Garden experience changed your life. What was the environment at the time, who worked, who did not? Did you have a community garden down the street or a family plot in the back yard? What was the street name, city & state? How many in your family and at what age did the children work the gardens? What can you tell the world that everybody else has forgotten? Remember, you are writing about a time and place most Americans don’t know anything about – make it your work of art.

Please proof read your article and get some writing help as needed. Your Victory Garden story should be about the city and state you were in during the war; not where you live now, if different. If you don’t want to use your full name, just use part or your initials. An Example would be: John & Betty W., New York, NY or JSA, Napa, Ca. We will list by state first, then city. Professional titles are always welcome.

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